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The Broadway Sports Quiz

The Broadway Sports Quiz

Spring training has just begun for all 30 major league’s baseball teams. And why does this concern a musical theater enthusiast? Because baseball – as well as many other sports – wend their way into our minds, thanks to many lines and lyrics.

So even if you don’t know a balk from a walk, or the one-point difference between a field goal in basketball and football, you could still do well on this test if you know musicals. Identify the song and musical that sports each of these sports lines and lyrics.

Come! I’ll make it easier for you! All the shows are arranged in the order of when they originally opened – ranging from the first one, which debuted in 1944, to the last one, which had its bow in 2000. The answers will be provided next Tuesday. In the meantime, comment on this post and include your answers.

1. “Just when the fun’s beginning, comes the final inning.”

2. “Her skin is tender as DiMaggio’s glove.”

3. “Here’s to Tin Pan Alley, a Yankee rally, a show like Sally.”

4. “Now this is no bum steer: It’s from a handicapper who’s real sincere.”

5. “Land of the free, home of the brave, home of the Red Sox.”

6. Just say, ‘Bunt?! Are you nuts? With one out, two men on base, and a left-handed batter coming up, he’ll walk right into a triple play, just like it happened in the fifth game of the World Series in 1923.”

7. “Instead of praising our goulash, they’re out praising the plays of Willie Mays.”

8. “At the gate are all the horses waiting for the cue to fly away.”

9. “This act could play the Palladium, or even the Yankee Stadium.”

10. “You’re the gold-medal kid with the heavyweight crown.”

11. “They take bows, and you’re battin’ zero.”

12. “From the pitchers to the hitters, from the babies to their sitters.”

13. “Bank on Friday? Golf on Saturday? Church on Sunday?”

14. “Don’t get lost at Korvette’s, or get signed by the Mets.”

15. “That’s right! Not bad! Karate can be lots of fun!”

16. “We will show you we’re the best team in the very Little League this year.”

17. “The Mets are winning, 3-to-1. The infield shows a lot of strength.”

18. “Took her bowling, in the arcade.”

19. “I was always running around shouting, ‘Gimme the ball, ‘Gimme the ball, ‘Gimme the ball, yeah!’”

20. “Have an instructor here at noon — oh, and get that Don Budge fellow if he’s available.”

21. “My backhand is clearly my forte. Shall we say the ball is in your court?”

22. “Who would believe I’m enough of a fool to be taking the plunge after draining the pool?”

23. “It’s Braves and Giants, two-to-two; the pitcher’s name is Hub Purdue.”

24. “We’re two of a kind, a perfect pair, a knockout in the ring.”

25. “The fake, the spin, the drive and then he’s in the paint. The pump, the jump, and he’s up in the air.”

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