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SUPERHERO’s Super Score By Peter Filichia

Don’t you just love when a Broadway lyricist thinks of A Great Idea for a Song? We’re not just talking about clever “squabble-Bob’ll”-type rhymes but an idea for a song that wouldn’t occur to a run-of-the-mill lyricist. My nominees for Greatest Song Idea of the Decade? In the forties, E.Y. Harburg for “When I’m Not […]


The concert version of OVER HERE! last month in New York spurred Lynda Wells to give me a call. She was Maxene Andrews’ daughter and longtime lover. Did that sentence grab your attention? Wells was Andrews’ lover first and foremost starting in 1973, around the time when plans were afoot to bring OVER HERE! to […]

cole porter


We know the word “de-lovely” from a Cole Porter song and the title of a 2004 biopic of the legendary composer-lyricist. In case you’ve ever wondered how it originated, THE LETTERS OF COLE PORTER will inform you. In a missive to Variety editor Abel Green on May 25, 1945, Porter wrote of the time he, […]

BEAU cover art – one

BEAU: Grandfather’s Day By Peter Filichia

Those who have lived with parents — and have had grandparents visit them – were quick to learn one fact of life. Grandparents love you in a way that your parents can’t, don’t or won’t. We see that once again in BEAU, a new funk-folk bluegrass musical that isn’t blue in either mood or language. […]


Kern, Gershwin, Rodgers or Sondheim? By Peter Filichia

Back in September, there was a nifty new play that posed a question which you’ll find a real head-scratcher. New York didn’t see the show, although it should. Dan McCabe’s THE PURISTS is great fun when it needs to be and deadly serious when the situation warrants it. The show, given a dazzling production by […]

Peter Filichia is the theater critic emeritus for the Star-Ledger in Newark, New Jersey and News 12 New Jersey.

He is a columnist each Friday for and

Filichia is the author of Let’s Put on a Musical, now in its third printing; Broadway Musicals: The Biggest Hit of the Season / The Biggest Flop of the Season and Broadway Musical MVPs 1960-2010: The Most Valuable Players of the Last 50 Seasons. His new book, Strippers, Showgirls, and Sharks will be published in May, 2013 by St. Martin’s Press.

He has been a columnist for Playbill,, Theatermania and Theater Week.

Before joining the Theatre World Awards in 1996 as host and head of the selection committee, Filichia served four terms as president of the Drama Desk. He has served on an assessment panel for the National Endowment for the Arts, and is currently critic-in-residence for the University of Cincinnati-Conservatory of Music and the musical theater judge for the ASCAP Awards program.