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Aladdin (Arkiv version)

Aladdin (Arkiv version)


  1. Disc 1
  2. 1. Introduction
  3. 2. Overture
  4. 3. Come to the Supermarket (in Old Peking)
  5. 4. Make Way
  6. 5. Trust Your Destiny to Your Star
  7. 6. Opportunity Knocks but Once (at Thuh Door)
  8. 7. Aladdin
  9. 8. Wouldn’t It Be Fun
  10. 9. I Adore You
  11. 10. No Wonder Taxes Are High
  12. 11. I Adore You (reprise)
  13. 12. Finale
  14. 13. Aladdin – (bonus track)
  15. 14. I Adore You – (bonus track)
  16. 15. Trust Your Destiny to Your Star
  17. 16. Opportunity Knocks but Once – (bonus track)


After a lush Overture, the Magician sets the scene in Cathay with “Come to the Supermarket (in Old Peking).” Following this invitation, a sudden call from the court’s Chamberlain asks the populace to “Make Way” for the appearance of the Emperor and the Princess. Accompanying his illustrious protector, the court Astrologer vainly entreats the Emperor to “Trust Your Destiny to Your Star.”

Meanwhile, in another part of town, the Magician tries to persuade young Aladdin to take part in a nefarious scheme that turns out to be, if only temporarily, much to Aladdin’s detriment – “Opportunity Knocks But Once.” Back in the Emperor’s palace, the lonely, lovely Princess remembers with a sigh the young man she has seen ever so briefly in the marketplace – “Aladdin.” The Emperor, too, shows signs of being disenchanted with the prerogatives of royalty as he sings “Wouldn’t It Be Fun.”

For his part, Aladdin is also smitten with the Princess and expresses his feelings in a song of love – “I Adore You.” Later the Magician, still working his devious tricks, complains about the Emperor’s extravagance – “No Wonder Taxes Are High.” Despite the Magician’s plots and the Astrologer’s dour star-gazing predictions, love conquers all in the end, and Aladdin and the Princess express their love for each other (“I Adore You” – Reprise), and the tuneful Finale brings to a close this rich, inventive score.

– Didier C. Deutsch


Magician: Cyril Ritchard
Aladdin: Sal Mineo
The Genie: Geoffrey Holder
Astrologer: Dennis King
Chamberlain: George Hall
Emperor: Basil Rathbone
Princess: Anna Maria Alberghetti*
Aladdin’s Mother: Una Merkel
Wu Fang: Akim Tamiroff
Prime Minister: Alec Clarke

*Anna Maria Alberghetti appears through the courtesy of Capitol Records Inc.