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Bat Boy: The Musical – Original Cast Recording 2001

Bat Boy: The Musical – Original Cast Recording 2001



Bat Boy: Deven May Ruthie Taylor: Daria Hardeman Rick Taylor: Doug Storm Ron Taylor: Kathy Brier Sheriff Reynolds: Richard Pruitt Meredith Parker: Kaitlin Hopkins Shelley Parker: Kerry Butler Roy: Trent Armand Kendall Bud: Jim Price Ned: Daria Hardeman Mr. Dillon: Doug Storm Maggie: Kathy Brier Lorraine: Doug Storm Jackie: Daria Hardeman Daisy: Jim Price Delia: Richard Pruitt Dr. Thomas Parker: Sean McCourt Mrs. Taylor: Trent Armand Kendall Reverend Hightower: Trent Armand Kendall Pan: Jim Price Institute man: Trent Armand Kendall Swings: John Treacy Egan, Stephanie Kurtzuba, J.P. Potter Musicians: Conductor/keyboards: Alex Lacamoire Keyboards/Assistant Musical Director: Jason Debord Acoustic and electric guitars: Greg Skaff Electric bass: Matt Rubano Drums: Ed Fast Cello: Jeanne LeBlanc * French Horn: Jeff Lang * Flute/clarinet/oboe: C. Anderson * Trumpet: Robert Millikan * Trombone: James Pugh * *additional musicians for the purpose of the recording