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Broadway: Super Hits, Vol. 2

Broadway: Super Hits, Vol. 2



When we think of Broadway, we have in mind a particular kind of song, though we would be hard pressed to say what exactly that might be. Collected here are ten certifiable Broadway hits from over forty years, performed by original Broadway cast artists. And no two of these songs are even remotely alike. From the happy decadence of 1930s Berlin to the optimism of an orphan girl from the Great Depression, from the unbridled enthusiasm of Freddy in love to the come-on of a streetwalker, the Broadway song – whatever that is – seems to say it all. But there are some qualities that bring these songs together. Great tunes and intelligent lyrics are the most immediate qualities that come to mind. And maybe because they are rarely about love (the Broadway song first and foremost tells us a story or illuminates a character), they have a special lasting power that transcends the usual fads of popular song. These are normal songs about normal people. Even the Broadway stars singing them sing like normal human beings. Perhaps that is the most engaging thing about the Broadway song. Angela Lansbury, Jack Klugman, Topol, and Glynis Johns are not necessarily known as singers, but they bring character and life to these songs. Isn’t that the essence of Broadway?