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Sweet Charity – Original Broadway Cast 1966

Sweet Charity – Original Broadway Cast 1966



Act I Overture – If you listen hard it spells “The Story of a Girl Who Wanted to be Loved.” Charity (Gwen Verdon) and her latest boyfriend are in the park, by the lake. Charlie (dark glasses, narcissistic) drinks it all in, and the drinks are on her – You Should See Yourself. The ten girls, including Nickie (Helen Gallagher) and Helene (Thelma Oliver), of the Fandango Ballroom, where Charity works, promise fun, laughs, good times – Big Spender. Charity vows not to throw her heart after the next heel who happens to come along (Charity’s Soliloquy) – in this case, Marvin. To spite his quarrelsome girlfriend, film star Vittorio Vidal (James Luisi) picks up Charity and takes her to a discotheque, The Pompeii Club, where they dance The Aloof. Then Charity is removed to Vittorio’s posh apartment and overwhelmed with the autographed publicity picture he gives her – If My Friends Could See Now. Ursala Marsh (Sharon Ritchie), Vittorio’s lady love, comes to the apartment. Charity obligingly hides in the closet. Through the keyhole she witnesses the lovers’ reconciliation and a good deal more – Too Many Tomorrows. Charity and friends decide to get out of the Fandango while they still can – There’s Gotta Be Something Better Than This. Act II In the stalled elevator of New York’s 92nd Street YMHA – on their way to a lecture on “Free Thought in Active Society” – Charity and a stranger, a claustrophobic tax accountant named Oscar Linquist (John McMartin), buck each other up till the current is restored – I’m The Bravest Individual. New friend Oscar is also seeking paths to happiness and takes Charity to The Rhythm Of Life Church. Charity begins to feel that Oscar is very nice for a weirdo. Her chums, Helene and Nickie, have seen this dream before – Baby, Dream Your Dream. For their next outing, to Coney Island, Charity and Oscar get stuck in the parachute. Now she is scared and he is dependable and protective – Sweet Charity – You Wanna Bet). Charity’s bind: Oscar is a nice guy. He thinks she works in a bank. Should she tell him the truth? And lose him? Or deceive him and keep him? – Where Am I Going? He knew where she worked all the time. He wants to marry her – I’m A Brass Band. Charity says good-bye to her Fandango friends and they give her a send-off – I Love To Cry At Weddings. Finale: If My Friends Could See Me Now (Charity’s Theme) – But the Charitys of this world don’t very often get married to the Oscars. Poor Oscar. Sweet Charity. – Based on Charles Burr’s notes for the original album


Charity: Gwen Verdon Dark Glasses: Michael Davis Bystander: John Stratton Married Couple: Bud Vest, Elaine Cancilla Woman with Hat: Ruth Buzzi Ice Cream Vendor: Gene Foote Football Player: John Sharpe Ballplayers: Harold Pierson, Eddie Gasper Career Girl: Barbara Sharma Spanish Young Man: Darrell Notara First Cop: John Wheeler Second Cop: David Gold Helene: Thelma Oliver Nickle: Helen Gallagher Carmen: Carmen Morales Herman: John Wheeler Doorman: I.W. Klein Ursala: Sharon Ritchie Vitiorio Vidal: James Luisi Waiter: John Stratton Manfred: Bud Vest Receptionist: Ruth Buzzi Old Maid: Elaine Cancilla Oscar: John McMartin Daddy Johann Sebastian Brubeck: Arnold Soboloff Brother Harold: Harold Pierson Brother Eddie: Eddie Gasper Policeman: Harold Pierson Rosie: Barbara Sharma Barney: David Gold Mike: Michael Davis Good Fairy: Ruth Buzzi The Singers and Dancers of Times Square: I.W. Klein, Mary Louise, Alice Evans, Betsy Dickerson, Kathryn Doby, Suzanne Charny, Elaine Cancilla, Carmen Morales, Christine Stewart, Charlene Ryan, David Gold, Gene Foote, Harold Pierson, Bud Vest, Darrell Notara, John Sharpe, Eddie Gasper, Michael Davis, Patrick Heim