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The Beggar’s Opera (Original London Cast Recording)

The Beggar’s Opera (Original London Cast Recording)



Orchestrated by Benjamin Pearce-Higgins

Produced for records by Norman Newell

Script adapted for recording by Toby Robertson


Richard Durden  (The Beggar), James Cossins  (Mr. Peachum), Hy Hazell (Mrs. Peachum), Jan Waters (Polly Peachum), Peter Kenton (Filch), Peter Gilmore (Captain Macheath), David Calder (Matt of the Mint), Tony Robinson (Nimming Ned), Gordon Reid (Ben Budge), Adam Deane (Jemmy Twitcher), Peter Forest (Crook-fingered Jack), Kenneth Shanley (Wat Dreary), Angela Richards (Jenny Diver), Carol Gillies (Mrs. Coaxer), Marjorie Keys (Dolly Trull), Jessie Barclay (Mrs. Vixen), Margaret Blay (Betty Doxy), Pamela Miles (Mrs. Slammekin), Suzanne Heath (Suky Tawdry), Vivian Brooks (Molly Brazen), Guy Pierce (Drawers and Constables), Alan Tennock (Drawers and Constables), John Cater (Mr Lockit), Frances Cuka (Lucy), Hy Hazell (Mrs. Trapes), Peter Forest (Turnkey)