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The Last Sweet Days Of Isaac – Original Off-Broadway Cast 1970

The Last Sweet Days Of Isaac – Original Off-Broadway Cast 1970



THE ELEVATOR Isaac Bernstein is a wildly hyperbolic, romantic, endearing wreck of a comic-tragic hero. With grandiose intensity he imagines himself on the brink of an untimely death and therefore sets about making every moment a perfect work of art. To heighten and record his existence he carries with him a guitar, a trumpet, a dozen little instruments stuffed in his pockets, a tape recorder, a camera and an orchestra in his head. On this fateful day in his 33rd year he finds himself stuck in an elevator with Ingrid, a secretary who has always wished to be a poet. In the hour that they are stuck in the elevator, Isaac tries to teach Ingrid to live life to its fullest. I WANT TO WALK TO SAN FRANCISCO Isaac is now nineteen and he and blond, beautiful Alice are locked away separately in solitary prison cells. They communicate with each other and the world only through a television camera in each cell and a television screen. They try to make love to each other’s images, but a newscast interrupts their tryst on the tube with an on-the-scene report of Isaac’s death at a demonstration. The newscast ends and Isaac and Alice are left with each other’s images in their once-removed world, unsure if they are alive or dead. So you see, “Isaac” is a show about life, death, art, truth and this guy trying to make it with this girl – all your larger themes. We hope you like it.


The Elevator Isaac – Austin Pendleton Ingrid – Fredricka Weber I Want To Walk To San Francisco Isaac – Austin Pendleton Alice – Fredricka Weber Policeman – C. David Colson with John Long, Charles Collins, Louise Heath Music performed by The Zeitgeist Clay Fullum – electric piano and harpsichord George Broderick – piano Aaron Bell – bass Art Betker – guitar Harry Gist – drums Music: Nancy Ford Book & Lyrics: Gretchen Cryer Publisher: Aberbach Group (BMI) Musical Direction and Arrangements: Clay Fullum Directed by Word Baker Recorded February 23, 1970, at RCA Studio C in New York City Recording Engineer: John Woram Produced by Steve Schwartz Original album: LSO-1169, released March, 1970