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The Rocky Horror Show – The New Broadway Cast Recording 2000

The Rocky Horror Show – The New Broadway Cast Recording 2000



Act I In a shabby movie palace, tonight’s science fiction film is introduced by the Usherette (“Science Fiction Double Feature”). Masked Phantoms provide the backup vocals. The movie begins: young Brad Majors and Janet Weiss are in love and become engaged (“Dammit, Janet!”). The film’s Narrator tells us that Brad and Janet, on their way to visit their former Denton High science teacher, Dr. Everett Scott, have driven into a rainstorm. They have had a flat tire, and have had to walk through the rain to a spooky old castle in search of a telephone (“Over at the Frankenstein Place”). Brad and Janet are greeted at the castle door by a hunchbacked handyman named Riff Raff, who leaves to fetch his master. Brad and Janet are apprehensive, but no other help appears to be in sight. They are welcomed to the castle in a big dance number, “Time Warp,” performed by Riff Raff, his sister Magenta who serves as the maid, and Columbia, the devoted “groupie” of the master, the bisexual mad scientist, Frank N. Furter. Frank arrives and introduces himself as a “Sweet Transvestite” from Transsexual Transylvania. He invites Brad and Janet into his laboratory while Magenta and Columbia make mysterious mention of an unlucky delivery boy named Eddie. In the laboratory, Frank N. Furter dresses Brad and Janet in white lab coats and tells them that he has discovered the secret of life. He unveils his creation, a hunky blond humanoid who Frank calls Rocky Horror. Rocky is brought gradually to life as his bandages are removed, and considers the nature of his existence (“The Sword of Damocles”). Frank sings a paean to muscle builders (“I Can Make You a Man”). A freezer in the laboratory opens to reveal Eddie, the bicycle delivery boy, once Frank’s lover, but now a zombie covered with scars, having had part of his brain removed in the process of building Rocky. Eddie recalls his former life (“Hot Patootie”), whereupon Frank panics and hacks him to death with an axe. Frank reassures Rocky that he prefers him to Eddie (“I Can Make You a Man” – reprise). Brad and Janet are led off to separate bedrooms for the night. Act II The Narrator suggests that Brad and Janet may not be quite safe. Janet, in her darkened room, enjoys the advances of one she believes is her fiancé, but who turns out to be Frank in disguise. Past her initial shock, she agrees with Frank that pleasure is not a crime, and with his promise not to tell Brad, continues to make love with Frank. Shortly thereafter, in Brad’s room, the engaged couple – apparently – are making love until, once again, “Janet” turns out to be Frank. Of course Frank won’t tell Janet … but suddenly Riff Raff’s face appears on the TV monitor with an urgent alert: Rocky has escaped! Janet, searching for Brad in the laboratory, discovers Rocky hiding there. A glance at the TV monitor shows Janet that Brad is in bed with Frank, and she decides to seduce Rocky (“Touch-a-Touch-a-Touch-a-Touch Me”). But now, everyone else is looking for Rocky on the all-seeing TV monitor, and Janet is discovered with him. Brad feels betrayed and angry (“Once in a While”). Riff Raff notifies Frank N. Furter that another visitor has arrived at the castle. It is Dr. Everett Scott, the science teacher Brad and Janet intended to visit. Confined to a wheelchair, Dr. Scott is wheeled into the laboratory. Frank N. Furter accuses him and Brad of trying to spy on his activities in the castle. Dr. Scott, who turns out to be the uncle of the bicycle delivery boy, insists he is only here to look for his nephew (“Eddie’s Teddy”). Frank displays Eddie’s corpse to the assembled company and restrains the three visitors – along with his now rebellious groupie Columbia – with an electronic device (“Planet Shmanet – Wise Up Janet Weiss”). The denizens of the castle are now revealed to be space aliens. Frank, their leader, abandoned his original mission to build Rocky and engage in kinky sex with earthlings. Magenta insists they must return to their home planet; Frank insists on putting on a “Floor Show” instead. Under his evil influence, Columbia, Rocky, Brad, and Janet, wearing skimpy lingerie, do song and dance routines (“Rose Tint My World”), ultimately caving in to their basest carnal instincts. Riff Raff and Magenta burst in wearing space suits and carrying ray guns, putting an abrupt end to the show. Riff Raff declares that he is now the master and is taking all the aliens back to their home planet. Frank makes a last-ditch effort to win Riff Raff’s sympathy for his desire to spend his life seducing earthlings (“I’m Going Home”), but Riff Raff is unmoved and guns down Frank, Columbia, and Rocky before ordering Brad, Janet, and Dr. Scott to leave. The trio, unsure of the implications of their experiences, escape, while the castle blasts off into outer space (“Superheroes”). The Narrator observes them “crawling on the planet’s face, tiny insects called the human race, lost in time, and lost in space.” The film ends and the Usherette returns to sing “Science Fiction Double Feature (reprise).” Actors and audience alike take part in the bows (“Time Warp” – reprise).


Usherette: Daphne Rubin-Vega Usherette: Kristen Lee Kelly Janet Weiss: Alice Ripley Brad Majors: Jarrod Emick Narrator: Dick Cavett Riff Raff: Raul Esparza Magenta: Daphne Rubin-Vega Columbia: Kristen Lee Kelly Frank ‘N’ Furter: Tom Hewitt Rocky: Sebastian LaCause Eddie: Lea DeLaria Dr. Scott: Lea DeLaria Phantoms: Kevin Cahoon, Deidre Goodwin, John Jeffrey Martin, Aiko Nakasone, Mark Price, Jonathan Sharp, James Stovell The Musicians Conductor / keyboard / synthesizer / programmer: Henry Aronson Associate conductor / synthesizer: John Korba Drums: Clint de Ganon Electric bass: Irio O’Farrill, Jr. Guitar: John Benthal Saxophone: Lou Marini Music contractor: John Miller