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Stephen Sondheim 85th Anniversay

Billboard Celebrates Stephen Sondheim’s 85th Anniversary

This week’s Billboard Magazines celebrates Stephen Sondheim’s 85th Anniversary by describing his groundbreaking career in musical theater, his thoughts on pop culture, and how he is not even close to retiring.

The highly acclaimed composer-lyricist got his big break at age 25 as lyricist for West Side Story. From then on, his work has been known focusing on the inner lives of the characters in the musicals he works on. His style has inspired and opened doors for many fans and creatives such as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jonathan Larson, and Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Not only has he worked in musical theater, but his characters have also graced the silver screen further growing his fan base. His work has been celebrated throughout the years with numerous awards such as a Tony Award for lifetime Achievement, a Pulitzer Prize, an Oscar, eight Grammy Awards and many more.

Read more about Stephen Sondheim in Kerri Mason’s interview in Billboard Magazine on stands now and online!