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Special Guest Blog with Rob McClure

Special Guest Blog with Rob McClure

Actor Rob McClure received across the board raves for his portrayal of Charlie Chaplin. In today’s guest blog he shares his thoughts on recording the cast album.

Recording an Original Cast Album has been on my “bucket list” for as long as I can remember. I am ecstatic that “Chaplin” marks my recording debut. We recorded the album on a Monday, which is traditionally our day off on Broadway. The idea of singing thru the entirety of the score, over and over, after an 8 show week seemed daunting, especially when you are doing it for posterity. I was filled with delight and terror at the thought.

The cast and orchestra arrived at the studio, along with our brilliant music director, Bryan Perri. David Lai was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with as a producer in the studio. He shared such passion for our show, and continued to tell us that this recording was about capturing the sound and spirit of what was seen on stage at the Barrymore, and NOT some pristine, pitch perfect studio sound. This freedom allowed me to put myself in front of the mic with the same intensity and abandon that I strive for on stage.

The cast was in exquisite voice that day, and we cranked out the entire recording in 1 day. That is a miracle, and it never would have happened without the endless professionalism of everyone involved. Our Musicians are some of the best in the business. It was an honor to sing with them nightly. When I listen to the album for years to come, it will bring me right back to the Barrymore. Right back with my dear friends. Right back with our passionate audiences. Right back with Charlie.

Thanks to David Lai, Bryan Perri, David Gardos, Chris Curtis, Bob & Mindy Rich and our astounding cast and orchestra. This recording will keep my memories of Chaplin vibrantly alive for generations to come.